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Door baby bouncer

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mcflumpy Sat 17-Oct-09 13:17:20

We would like to get a door bouncer for our very active 19 week old. She can hold her head up and is able to put a significant amount of weight on her legs I have 2 questions:

1. Is she too young for this?
2. We have an old house with wider door frames do these bouncy things suit all types of door frames?

Also if anyone could recommend any in particular that would be appreciated.


JoeyBettany Sat 17-Oct-09 20:27:09

My DD loved it from around 16 weeks. I think they need to be able to support their heads well.
We have a Lindam which has a vice like clamp, which I would have thought would be usabler on wider frames.

mcflumpy Sat 17-Oct-09 22:16:43

Thanks for the tip I've had a look at the lindam and really like the look of it great colours! We are off to purchase it tomorrow. Thanks again

Fruitbatlings Sat 17-Oct-09 22:20:56

The best one I have ever used is this Graco one I can't seem to find any brand new ones at the moment. My friend wants to buy one but doesn't want a second hand one (?)
There's one on Ebay. I bought mine second hand on Ebay and it's great!

Jamieandhismagictorch Sat 17-Oct-09 22:21:10

I second that. We had a Lindam (this was about 8 years ago though). My DS1 really loved it and grew really adept at spinning himself around in it - hilarious. We couldn't use it very much for DS2, though, because DS1 tried spinning him around in it grin

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