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I have googled and googled...

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OldLadyKnowsNothing Thu 08-Oct-09 01:45:03

...but I cannot find a dome umbrella in fluorescent yellow. I can find lots with pretty patterns, but the closest just has trim and handle in colour, with the rest clear (for fairly obvious reasons, I suppose... grin) Can anyone help with something a bit more, well, fluorescent yellow, I suppose?

(Present for adolescent niece, colour specified and unchangeable)

hobbgoblin Thu 08-Oct-09 02:09:49

this is closest in existence afaiam concerned! I feel your Google pain grin sort of yellow

SaintGeorge Thu 08-Oct-09 02:15:54

citrus yellow dots any good?

OldLadyKnowsNothing Thu 08-Oct-09 02:19:50

Thanks hobbgoblin, that's pretty much all I found.

Apparently, if I can't find such a thing "anything fluorescent yellow" (which I am, in desperation, now taking to include "neon yellow") will "do", but as I have only sons I'm not sure what's Ok on a (not petite) 11 year old girl these days? I can find lots of "clubby" stuff, but I can't help wondering about the appropriateness for a young lass living in the back of beyond in the Scottish highlands.

(At least she'll be seen at night.... grin)

I'll go ask my sister for clarification, I think.

OldLadyKnowsNothing Thu 08-Oct-09 02:21:39

Sorry, SaintGeorge, X posts. "Fluorescent yellow" was very, very specific, so I think the dots are out. Too much green... grin

But thanks for taking the time, I wasn't really expecting much by way of reply at this time of night.

SaintGeorge Thu 08-Oct-09 02:24:30

Next brightest was this one

Does it have to be a dome one?

SaintGeorge Thu 08-Oct-09 02:26:10

Lol, does she like wildlife by any chance?

OldLadyKnowsNothing Thu 08-Oct-09 02:30:23

I was daft enough to ask, and "fluorescent yellow dome umbrella" was top of the list, followed by "anything fluorescent yellow". As I say, I have adult sons (with no interest in fashion or clothes, much like myself blush) but I know from reading threads here that with girls, if it's not "right", it's not right! She's a lovely girl and I really want to get her something she'll like, because I know she'll cover her disappointment and I'd rather she didn't have to.

(Does that sound weird?)

Anyway, I'll get on to her mum for a bit of clarification.

Thanks again, it's appreciated.

OldLadyKnowsNothing Thu 08-Oct-09 02:31:23

I found the ducks earlier, and personally I love them; but I'm not sure if she's into irony just yet... grin

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