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Safety & mobile phones: contract which caps monthly cost BUT always allows call/text to parent's number?

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feddlek Fri 02-Oct-09 13:58:34

I've been googling around different providers and their contracts but can't find this. Guess it's not in the provider's interest? My 11 yr old DD has a PAYG phone now. Thinking of getting her a v basic contract, mainly so she never runs out of call time when I would like to know where she is/that she's OK.

Anyone know if there is a provider/contract which allows you to cap spend/month eg to £10, but allows calls to 1 or 2 specified tel numbers (eg parents etc) above the capped limit?

Thank you for any tips and pointers!

LilRedWG Thu 29-Oct-09 17:51:44

Hmmm - I'd like to know this too.

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