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is this childs bike seat worth the money?

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AphroditesGrannyNightie Sat 19-Sep-09 18:26:33

this one here if you could take a peep


Ivykaty44 Sun 20-Sep-09 08:24:34

No - it is mail order and so you will not get fitting for free.

I would go and find a local bike shop and get one there as they will also it the seat onto your bike. Then you know it is done properly aswell.

Plus they will be able to give you suitable advice on what you are bying and what your needs are etc.

AphroditesGrannyNightie Sun 20-Sep-09 16:38:33

I can't get it fitted as we have no car to drive any where with bike to get it fitted, nearest bike shops are absolutly miles away down motor ways etc ...

so whichever one I buy it will be ordered from the net and fitted by DH.

I meant the actual seat is it a good one?

jennifersofia Mon 28-Sep-09 13:21:00

Depends on age of child. After a good amount of research, we decided on a child seat that goes on the front, that is, just behind the handle bars, so the adult is riding with their arms around the child. Ours is called a Bobike, and my dh (who is the person who cycles with dd3) likes it very much. He says that in comparison to the bike seats which fit on the back of the bike, the bobike feels more stable. The weight of the child is over the centre of gravity, more or less, which makes the balance of the bike better. He said it is also much nicer to be able to easily talk to dd, and she loves seeing where they are going. We have been using it since she was 10 mths, and she is now 18mths.
I am not sure how large they have to be before they have to go to a different type of seat.
A friend of mine has a back mounted seat that looks very similar to the one you linked, and she says that the reclining feature is very good, and that it doesn't need to recline much, just enough so that the child's head doesn't flop forwards.

pollyperkins Mon 28-Sep-09 13:24:28

I agree with jennifersofia - we've got a front mounted bike seat (an ibert) and DH who rides with our DD (now just 2) is a huge fan and tells all and sundry about it (whether they want to listen or not!) Apparently easy to fit too. DD sits there shouting at DH to 'go go go go' and 'go that way' - a backseat driver already!

lynniep Mon 28-Sep-09 13:35:24

Rear child seats are pretty bog standard. This looks fine - simliar design to the hamax kiss that I have - although with that reclining feature which might prove useful (DS has conked out on my back before and I sometimes wish I'd got a recliner)
If you can get the £15 discount from littlewoods as a new customer that would be useful.

Also agree on previous posters - it depends on the age of the child as to what you consider.

I actually find the rear mounted seat is way better than a front mounted for my DS - he is 2.5 and heavy and tall. The front mounted I tried (weeride) was useless - far too small, hard to steer and uncomfortable for me. In the longterm therefore I'd always suggest a rear mounted.

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