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What is absolutely the best ( price no object ) mattress ( and bed) that one can buy?

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lisalisa Sat 05-Sep-09 21:45:08

Title says it all really.....time for a new bed as our backs are complaining loudly!!!

What is the best make of bed and mattress that one can buy - we are looking for an investment pruchase here that will hopefully last 15 years and up.....

Thanks everyone...

BoffinMum Sat 05-Sep-09 22:02:24

We went to John Lewis and bought a part-sprung, part memory foam mattress that has been sensational. It is less hot than complete memory foam. However top of the range is basically a Vi-Sprung bed at about £2000-ish, I believe. Also consider getting a superking if you have the space - this is equivalent to having two singles side by side in terms of width, and you can reall spread out.

BoffinMum Sat 05-Sep-09 22:03:48

Vi Spring

lisalisa Sat 05-Sep-09 23:32:08

thanks boffinmum - off to check out vi spring.

sausagerolemodel Sat 05-Sep-09 23:49:33

My DH has a bad back so a few years ago we splashed out on Tempur memory foam matress and base. It was bloody expensive but it has made a huge amount of difference to his back health, which is much improved. There are other memory foam mattresses available at less of a premium, but do try out different ones as some are good and some are rubbish. There's quite a good site here

FWIW Tempur have I think stopped making mattresses for back health and decided to market themselves as luxury products now.

GoldenSnitch Sun 06-Sep-09 14:14:32

We have a SilentNight Miracoil mattress with a memory foam top.

It's divine!

I have a sprained SI joint in my back and was in agony until we got this.

Haven't had a problem with it since

BTW, you need to go for a firmer mattress than you would usually have with a foam top as sinking into the foam makes it feel softer.

Thandeka Sun 06-Sep-09 14:32:10

Pocket sprung kingsize mattress with memory foam top layer. Is absolute heaven to sleep on (and no issue of "roll together" have slept on it for 3 years and no dents in it depsite my ample frame!)

Then feather and black victorian bed frame,

oh and goose down duvet

and super soft amazing pillows.

I love my bed- is like sleeping on a cloud.

prettybird Sun 06-Sep-09 14:53:24

Dunlopillo mattress. It will cost you a fortune but will last you forever. Not sure which one we have - it was the top of the range firm one when we bought it (and I can't check as the cats are still asleep on the bed grin). It was either the Celesete or the Firm rest that we got - have a look here

We found it a bit firm the first couple fo nights but since then couldn't imangine sleeping on anything else. In fact, the only problem is that we get backache when sleeping on softer beds on holiday! hmm

For maximum benefit, buy a bed with a really good slatted base. Some lovely beds can be found here: wildwood. Unfortunately, it is not easy to navigate: roll your cursor over Bedrrom furniture and it will come up with a pciture and a link. Then roll your cursor over any of the beds you like to link thorugh to more detailed picures. We have a super king size oak bed in our bed room and this one plus the wardrobe in the spare bedroom. I have always really liked this one: the slats in the frame are side on, so they "move" as you walk around the bed.

Unfortunately, the links with the prices don't seem to be working at the moment, so you would need to contact the showroom to confirm prices.

lisalisa Mon 07-Sep-09 10:40:03

Ooh thank you - going to check this thread out properly shortly.

All I can say is tha tour previous mattress also cost a fortune ( about £1.5k if I remember rightly) but now 10 yrs on its gone all soft and saggy. Probably our fault for not looking after it properly as we didn't turn it/air it regularly but still........

prettybird Mon 07-Sep-09 13:02:56

You don't need to turn or air Dunlopillo mattresses! grin

LaurieFairyCake Mon 07-Sep-09 13:06:25

I have a Vi-Spring, got it in the Selfridges sale in 2000 reduced from £4400 to £1900. Still as comfortable as ever after 9 years.

I am thinking about getting a feather-bed topper though for extra snuggliness.

Lilymaid Mon 07-Sep-09 13:10:24

Another vote for Vi-Spring (or the John Lewis own brand made by Vi-Spring which may be a little cheaper). Vi-Spring beds are always on special offer around sale time, so if you can manage until January ...
Our Vi-Spring has lasted us 26 years - still comfortable, but we are considering replacing it at last.

alypaly Mon 07-Sep-09 13:13:32

i had a really bad car crash years ago and as a result have got some disc damage. Couldnt find a bed to suit until i bought my Kingsdown. It was £2,200 but worth every penny. You lie on a mattress and they take your weight and body contours and then pick the correct mattress for you or both you and partner.
The service i have had from them is superb. Initially i was sent an old model( i dont mean soiled or anything and the mattress indented slightly). The MD of this superb american company came out to my house and immediately replaced it with their brand new model with sincere apologies. It has a definite 10 year guarantee for virtually anything...
worth the investment.

prettybird Mon 07-Sep-09 13:13:52

Oh - and I was told recently that the equivelant mattress to the one we have (got it about 7 years ago) would now cost us at least £1700 - and that is at cost! shock

It still isn't showing any signs of age. My parents also have one, which must now be at least 20 years old and still going strong.

francagoestohollywood Mon 07-Sep-09 13:16:05

Vi Spring. I want one.

alypaly Mon 07-Sep-09 13:17:46

the kingsdown mattress doesnt make you hot like the memory foam one can. This one takes the heat away from you which at my time of life had been a life saversmile
It is pocket sprung and does not have to be turned. The mattress weighs 14 stone and is about 14 inches thick. I have had to get deep fitted sheets specialy to fit it. but worth it

fortyplus Mon 07-Sep-09 13:19:19

Another vote for Vi-spring

EyeballsintheSky Mon 07-Sep-09 13:49:07

Something called a Heavenly Bed. Used in the top hotels and so many people asked about them that they are now sold to the public; we have one and it's the most comfortable bed in the world.

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