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Which sat nav for 71 year old Mother in Law?

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alegre Sat 05-Sep-09 14:19:20

Hi there
My MIL has asked DH to help her buy an easy to use Sat Nav. We have a Tomtom but that sometimes takes a little while to find the GPS signal so we're not sure about recommending it.

Basically we need one that's
- Very easy to use - one that even a technophobe can use
- Very easy to read
- Very quick to sort out location when just switched on

She won't be driving great distances - she takes the train when travelling far. She lives in the Greater Manchester area and it seems she wants one to give her some reassurance when driving in areas that she doesn't often go to. I wouldn't say that things like speed cameras are important.


colditz Sat 05-Sep-09 14:33:40

Terry Wogan, sitting in the car next to her.

BellaLasagne Sat 05-Sep-09 14:40:42

Did you hear the piece on Top Gear about the Sat Nav for OAP's going round the supermarket? It's attached to the trolley handle and directs them to the cat food, medicines aisle and the Werther's Originals!

Seriously though, I have a Tom Tom too and it's so easy. My Dad has one and he's 76. Finding a sat signal will be a common problem whichever model you choose I think?

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