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anyone have experience with pregnancy support belts?

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BabyBossa Sat 05-Sep-09 11:55:10

Hi, I'm looking at designing a new product which will incorporate elements of the belly support bands worn in the last trimester, as well as some other functionality.

I am looking to talk to some mothers who have used these belts, and can offer some advise on which models they used, if they liked them, were they comfortable, too hot, what fabric, ideas, suggestions, etc.

Your input greatly appreciated, and can lead to being part of a focus group on new maternity products, with discounts associated on final products when launched

Twinsmommy Sat 05-Sep-09 15:19:45

Hi there.

I used an Emma Jane support belt on and off for about 6 months of my twins-pregnancy (identical to the Reenie Maternity Support Belt by Emma Jane (size 14/16)that is now available - but I'm sure it wasn't called that when I bought it!). My sons are now 3 yrs so it was some time ago.

I did find it very supportive although not hugely comfortable - and absolutely awful when taken off as it was elastic and just made me itch for ages after taking it off.

I can't say I noticed whether it was too hot or not. I carried through the winter months, and was always snug!

I've seen Emma Jane now does a belt like a corset that pulls up over your bump. I'm sure, if this had been around when I was pregnant, I would have probably opted for it instead - although I could imagine the itch would still be the same!!!!

Can't think of anything else to tell you! The belt I used didn't look great but certainly did help carry the weight of two - especially as I was commuting into London during my pregnancy for work.

Hope this helps!

GoldenSnitch Sun 06-Sep-09 14:03:12

I've just bought the Mothercare belt today - will let you know how I get on with it.

I do have some Mothercare support pants from my previous pregnancy but they seem to we way too big this time either because I'm smaller or because they're already stretched out from last time so they're useless.

I have quite bad lower back pain this time and really achey thighs. Hoping a belt will help.

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