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Help -non-slip shower products for elderly parent anyone?

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bobs Sun 30-Aug-09 12:53:23

My mum has a strange shaped walk-in shower and wants to make it non-slip. I can't find a mat big enough or any site that will make one to fit. Non-slip strips are a possibility - I've found a site that sells them that says they will outlast mats. Has anyone used a paint-on product, does it work and where do you get it from?? I've now spent 3 hrs angrydoing the research and have finally turned to MN smile

bobs Sun 30-Aug-09 14:32:53

bump - anyone out there with a suggestion for such a boring, irritating subject? smile

Itstime26 Sun 30-Aug-09 14:45:41

Mothercare sell an extra long bath mat.
Sorry I haven't got any other suggestions

NorbertDentressangle Sun 30-Aug-09 14:53:55

There is a spongey-type matting that you can buy off the roll.

We used to get it from Europe where it seems really popular but I've seen it occasionally in big DIY type shops here.

Its difficult to explain but it looks as if its formed of lots of lines of spongey-type material, has holes in for drainage and is often printed with a decorative pattern.

Its sold by the metre so you could buy a big piece and cut it to size maybe?

The only problem is it doesn't have suckers or anything to secure it to the shower/bath but due to its texture it doesn't slide IYSWIM.

We used to use it instead of bathmats (when the DC were little) as they used to go mildewy and were a PITA to move from shower to bath.

JackieNo Sun 30-Aug-09 14:56:21

We have non-slip stickers, in the shape of shells, that I think I bought from Lakeland. Not sure they're selling them atm, though. I've found something similar here, essentially just the same as the tape, but in shapes, rather than long strips. I think my mum has just a bath mat in hers, and stays on that. I also bought her a shower stool (something like this, I think), and one of these Soapy Soles to make it easier for her to wash her feet. hth smile.

NorbertDentressangle Sun 30-Aug-09 15:03:17

I tried googling for what I mean but can't find it yet.

However there are companies like this that sell all sorts of matting type products -if you read the descriptions some are suitable for wet areas. You could then cut it to size?

Alternatively could you ask an organisation like Age Concern as they often recommend or sell products like safety and mobility aids.

BikeRunSki Sun 30-Aug-09 15:15:44

How ab out something like this? Like what JackieNo has described.

mini bath mats

NorbertDentressangle Sun 30-Aug-09 15:21:17

Heres the stuff I was talking about -look at the Shower Mat ones that are priced per foot .

bobs Sun 30-Aug-09 15:35:43

Thanks for that everyone - I've bookmarked the tape which is wider than what I've found so far. the Shower mat also looks really good - however does it go manky after a while or curl up and become trip hazard? As my mum does not live near she would have to install whatever she wanted herself or get someone to do it for her.

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