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Baby Walkers - Yes or No?

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suiledonn Sun 16-Aug-09 11:28:13

DD2 is 9 months and really seems to want to be moving all the time. She spends a lot of the time on the floor sitting or on her tummy wriggling around.
She has one of the entertainment centre round things but hates it now as I think she feels a bit trapped in it.
I always had a negative opinion of walkers as I had one as a baby and burnt myself (not badly) on the cooker so my mother got rid of it.
Are they safer these days? We have a large open plan kitchen/living area so plenty of floor space where she would always be supervised.
On the other hand we have a 3 year old dd1 who might be a bit over-enthusiatic.
What do you think?

2to3 Sun 16-Aug-09 12:53:37

We used an old school one from Ikea, but they often fell flat on their faces using it so not ideal. As soon as they could walk we got those small dolly stroller things for about a fiver and that was one of the best toys we ever bought.

suiledonn Mon 17-Aug-09 15:15:01

Thanks 2to3. Not sure if we are thinking of the same thing. It is one of these queID=215

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