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Anyone tried Parent Guru reward charts?

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thinkoutloud Sat 15-Aug-09 12:25:53

I am wondering if anyone else has something nice to say about parent guru reward charts. (some people were saying things about maddysmummy sad because she posted a link to her site selling them). i bought a car one for my son who was behaving really really badly, pushing and sometimes biting his sister and shouting NO all the time. it worked a treat moving his car up when he was nice smile and down when he was bad angry. it's lasted ages and still looks shiny and new. anyway i wanted to start a thread to say that and hope others like them too as i think theres lots of choice. my friend has bought 2 and loves them. anyone else got an opinion?

peppermakesyousneeze Sat 15-Aug-09 12:39:05

I have bought 4 of the parent guru's charts and I LOVE them! I'm so glad you started this post. I tell all my friends about them if they haven't already seen them up in my kitchen! Everyone who sees them and has seen the change in my 4 kids (hard work I can tell you, as they're all under 6) wants to buy one too.

A couple of times I've lost the stickers or they've been eaten by my very naughty labrador, I've asked for new ones and she's sent them for free, which was great.

I have the pop one - which my daughter LOVES as it reminds her of Hannah Montana, the car one too, the clownfish and the pony one as my other daughter LOVES horses! I am a fan!

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