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Organised Mum stuff - the new Little bird range - any fans?

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hunkermunker Fri 14-Aug-09 11:30:31

New term starts soon...

Am toying with Little Bird diary for this year. Has anybody got one?

bumpybecky Fri 14-Aug-09 11:33:34

look very pretty, but little bird ones are calendar year rather than academic year I think

hunkermunker Fri 14-Aug-09 11:35:05

Grr! That won't work then!

Maybe I can get one for Jan 10-Dec 10 and do seat of my pants diarising from Sep - Dec this year?

hippipotamiHasLost55lbs Fri 14-Aug-09 11:38:11

They are gorgeous, they really are (especially the red one)

Hunker, I tried seat-of-pants-diarising from Sept - Dec last year and it was a disaster. Don't go there!!
Have gone back to trusty Organised Mum for this year and already my dc are heaving a sigh of relief... grin

pugsandseals Fri 14-Aug-09 11:40:06

Don't know the range, but I ended up with a mini filofax with a zip & use it as a purse as well & it has been fantastic! It even has a wrist strap so I can't loose it (am not the most organised person in the world)
Got mine cheap on ebay

hunkermunker Fri 14-Aug-09 13:06:42

Hippi, wise words.

Will go for a Life Book as ever.

Love the red Little Bird book though. [hankers for more stationery]

hippipotamiHasLost55lbs Fri 14-Aug-09 18:37:33

What is it about stationery?? The dc had some WHSmith gift vouchers to spend yesterday and whilst they were perusing the books and craft materials respectively I was drooling over diaries blush

But Organised Mum is great [tries to console herself and puts all thoughts of a lovely red little bird diary out of her head]

BadgersArse Sat 15-Aug-09 09:27:05

ah HERE we are
you lot whoever placed an order with me are still earning me money! thanks a lot!

hippipotamiHasLost55lbs Sat 15-Aug-09 10:10:21

Arse, do you run Organised Mum?

Flamesparrow Sat 15-Aug-09 10:35:24

Hmmm... I'm not convinced by the "month at a glance" being at the back of the book... I like to be able to glance at my month at the start of each month. hmm

BadgersArse Sat 15-Aug-09 11:05:12

no i am an affiliate

hippipotamiHasLost55lbs Sat 15-Aug-09 11:24:37

Ah, I see. I think I just went through their website (googled organised mum). Will put a shout out for you next year before I order smile

Starbear Sat 15-Aug-09 11:37:55

I love my zip up Filofax. I just wish they had some bits and pieces for family organising. I have to have a pag for a day. as it has time down the side which I really really need for work & ds things

Starbear Sat 15-Aug-09 11:39:26

Who else makes Sept-Sept calenders. I thought I saw another one on the internet the other day but I forgot to write it down.

quoteTHISyafuckers Sat 15-Aug-09 11:39:55

anyone got anyone money off offers for this year? I am terrified of not having one for next year, as I love mine so.

hunkermunker Sat 15-Aug-09 14:45:14

Hey, BA grin

Am going to go for monthly calendar this year. I found nobody looked ahead on the weekly one.

fishie Sat 15-Aug-09 14:54:06

i really wanted one but they are day to a page and i need week to a view. got moleskine academic year instead.

Starbear Sat 15-Aug-09 15:36:26

I probably need a year planner as well. The only birthday I remember are DH DS & mine and those we get party invite to. Not really fair to my cousins, friends and aunt who send me a card blush

hunkermunker Sat 15-Aug-09 19:47:56

Fishie, the Pocket Life Books are a week to a page.

BadgersArse Sat 15-Aug-09 19:49:42

yes now am Joggleur woman i dont know if I will get one at ALL!

Flamesparrow Sat 15-Aug-09 20:01:46

Is the Joggler actually sending you reminders?!?!?! shock You are truly blessed...

hunkermunker Sat 15-Aug-09 20:08:05

I thought you could be electrocuted with Jogglers?

I am sure I read of a recall?

FrazzledFairyFay Wed 02-Sep-09 10:07:11

Who do I order through, to give you some commission?

4andnotout Wed 02-Sep-09 10:13:09

Phew! Im not alone in my love for all things organised mum! So far this year i have the pocket life book in red leather cover and the family life book in red leather cover, i feel a tad like michael aspel!!

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