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missivey Wed 14-Apr-21 06:37:53

Hello All,

Bit of a silly question, does anymore know the difference between the normal cow and gate milk and the hungry baby milk? As it looks all the same

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Floralgizelle Wed 14-Apr-21 06:42:27

We use cow and gate but just the normal one the NHS website states:

"This type of formula contains more casein than whey, and casein is harder for babies to digest. Although it's often described as suitable for "hungrier babies", there's no evidence that babies settle better or sleep longer when fed this type of formula"

I think hungry baby milk may contain a few more calories, I've known a couple of people who have put their babies onto hungry baby milk and they have gained a considerable amount of weight. But I'm other sure people have used it with success or no issues.

triceratopsmama Wed 14-Apr-21 06:48:44

Apparently one is made with curd and the other with whey.
Not sure which is which but we were advised not to use hungry baby milk as it just sits in their little tummy longer purely because it is harder for them to digest, so it's not really solving the problem, it could actually cause more problems.
We switched to apatamil from cow and gate, gave him extra and that solves the problem.

MaMaD1990 Wed 14-Apr-21 06:50:10

There really isn't much difference at all. We used hungry baby formula because DD wasn't breastfeeding and we'd essentially starved her accidentally for the first week of her life (poor thing!) so thought that would help at the time. Never seemed to affect her negatively so we just carried on using it.

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