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Which kids' scooters would you recommend?

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LauraEMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 13-Jan-20 14:45:42

Hi everyone,

We're making plans to test and review the best scooters on the market (for toddlers and children aged 5+), and we'd love to hear your favourites.

Which scooters have you been impressed by over the last couple of years? And are there any features or plus points that you paid particular attention to when buying one?

Your comments will help us to create a shortlist of scooters to test out and, ultimately, recommend to parents.

Thanks in advance! flowers

MeanMrMustardSeed Mon 13-Jan-20 14:47:51

We’ve bought three different types of scooter from micro scooter over the years and every single one has been brilliant. Robust, long lasting and doesn’t rattle (like lots of cheaper brands).

MooKnee Mon 13-Jan-20 14:53:04

Micro scooter here, we had mini micro and now micro scooter and is used daily for last 2 years and still working well with no signs of diminishing

RebeccaCloud9 Mon 13-Jan-20 14:57:14

Absolutely definitely micro scooters. I couldn't understand why my daughter just could not grasp how to steer on her scooter. Then we got her a micro mini and realised it was just how crappy the first one had been! She's now moved to a maxi micro and it's brilliant too.

Beach11 Mon 13-Jan-20 15:00:50

Definitely micro scooter

Greyhound22 Mon 13-Jan-20 15:02:12

Micro Scooter. DS had a cheap one before - couldn't really steer it etc. He had a MS for his birthday and within days he was swerving about and stopping really easily. The balance and handling on them is clearly much better than cheaper models.

AmbitiouslyFit Mon 13-Jan-20 15:07:16

I’ve only so far tried the globber. Been great.

BustyMum8 Mon 13-Jan-20 15:07:36

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

OnTheEdgeOfTheNight Mon 13-Jan-20 15:11:28

Another fan of micro scooters - we've had the toddler one, the bigger 3 wheeler and the 2 wheeled stunt scooter. They're easy to use and so well made.

hairyxmasturkey Mon 13-Jan-20 15:12:18

Gotta be micro!

AmbitiouslyFit Mon 13-Jan-20 15:13:33

BustyMum8 grin thanks for the tip

JPduck Mon 13-Jan-20 15:31:38

Micro scooter fan here!

ineedto Mon 13-Jan-20 15:34:30

Mini micro and micro with three wheels are both amazing. Expensive but robust, cool colour combinations and smooth ride.

TokyoSushi Mon 13-Jan-20 15:47:10

Yep, Micro here too!

lisag1969 Mon 13-Jan-20 15:57:46

Micro scooter 100% x

Bubblysqueak Mon 13-Jan-20 15:59:07

After trying 3 different types we settled on

They really take some abuse from ramps to bumpy pathways. My boys 6 & 7 find them great over rough paths because of the bigger wheels and even though they are bigger they still uses them on the ramps.

AnnaBegins Mon 13-Jan-20 15:59:50

We've been pleased with globber so far

Nat6999 Mon 13-Jan-20 16:05:25

Decathlon have a good range from tiny ones to adult size.

KarenSimpson Mon 13-Jan-20 16:06:14

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

bumbleboots Mon 13-Jan-20 16:11:21

Micro or decathlon

PiafPilaf Mon 13-Jan-20 16:34:22

We bought a Globber for DD(5) after much research and trying out of scooters. It’s been brilliant so far and the handle has extended as she’s grown (unlike the more expensive mini micro which was available at the time). I glad we didn’t pay the extra for the mini micro!

MissRainbowBrite Mon 13-Jan-20 16:40:19

Micro scooter all the way. We had a Mini Micro then progressed to a Sprite. Both have been fantastic. The Micro has been passed on to a friend and is on its 5th year of use still going strong.

Crochetcrochetcrochet Mon 13-Jan-20 16:41:20

Mini micro scooter and now a maxi micro scooter. Both fantastic.

We were given a My first scooter but it was (to quote DH) bobbins, so we passed it on.

MsJuniper Mon 13-Jan-20 16:50:54

We've gone from a mini micro 3-in-1 to a micro sprite and both have been fab. DS wasn't sure about moving to two wheels but tried the sprite in store and found it so easy.

BrightonBB Mon 13-Jan-20 17:05:42

One of our Micro scooters developed a steering problem with the handle stem twisting round so it couldn’t be scooted in a straight line. Happened just outside of guarantee period sad

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