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Pregnancy Kit Ideas?

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lilyellowchx Mon 02-Dec-19 08:39:35

What are some items I should get for a pregnancy 'survival' kit?
I'm going to be making one for my sister and another one for my brother in law!

For my sister so far I've got:
Pre Natal Vitamins
Stretch Mark Lotion
Morning Sickness Relief Tablets

For my brother in law I have no ideas yet!

RhymingRabbit3 Mon 02-Dec-19 08:44:04

Depending on your budget -
Vouchers for a pregnancy massage
Pregnancy and birth book (I cant recommend one but I'm sure someone can)
A nice drinks bottle as I'm always thirsty when pregnant or breastfeeding
Belly band
Nice ready meals from "Cook" or M&S for when shes too tired to cook
Spacemask relaxing sleep masks

RhymingRabbit3 Mon 02-Dec-19 08:44:31

For the brother in law I wouldnt be able to think of anything, hes got the easy bit for now!

lilyellowchx Mon 02-Dec-19 09:11:10

Haha I know, just want to make it special for him as well smile

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