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This is a random question

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Jessica3158 Wed 13-Nov-19 10:30:47

Hi I don't have kids but I read a lot of threads on here anyway thinking they may help if I do have kids.

Anyway this is random I just got up popped into the kitchen and realised I didn't get milk yesterday as the shop shut early. So I just ate cookie crisp dry which don't taste bad frankly. So then I scrolled through my Facebook and there's people moaning about the sugar in cereals. So my thoughts were would you rather your child have a chocolate bar or crisps which have no nutritional benefits or cookie crisp with 6 vitamins and whole grain as a snack when they want something sweet. Children's cereals have a bad rep. So I'm asking

AmIThough Wed 13-Nov-19 10:41:00

Any responsible parent would ensure their child has a proper breakfast and a healthy balanced diet.

Chocolate & crisps or cereal filled with sugar is never really going to be a situation you'll have to worry about.

If you're not very well off, you can make porridge oats really cheaply. You wouldn't be wasting money on Cadbury bars.

RavenLG Wed 13-Nov-19 11:32:58

Most parents would be horrified at the thought of chocolate or crisps for a breakfast, but that doesn't mean shite like cookie cereal is the only alternative. Porridge, fruit, wholemeal toast, eggs etc all a million miles better. Even cereal like weetabix and shredded wheat is better than 'kids cereal' loaded with sugar despite the 'added vitamins'.

cookie crisp with 6 vitamins and whole grain
You're not a cereal rep at all hmm rolls eyes

carolina21 Wed 13-Nov-19 12:43:53

Usually people with kids would be more organised then to run out of milk in the first place .

There are many other choices of breakfast before "cookie crisp"

Fruit, toast, eggs? All much healthier .

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