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Continual trouble with Worcester & Bosch combi boiler and...

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Brachyscome Fri 11-Oct-19 10:39:57

Can anyone help with this please? I need to find an independent heating engineer who can give an expert assessment on my faulty Worcester Bosch combi boiler. The boiler has been faulty since installation, rapidly losing pressure and constantly needing refilling. I have had endless fruitless visits by so-called WB engineers, all offering a different opinion and none of whom have fixed the issue. It has effectively cost me thousands due to, among other costs, countless lost working days and pay and the expense of replacing my entire pipework in the mistaken belief a leak was to blame for the problem. A Gas Safe inspector ruled out a faulty installation and the WB engineers found no evidence that I am refilling the boiler incorrectly but WB says the boiler is not at fault. I need to find an expert engineer whose opinion on the source of the fault needs to be able to stand up in a court if it comes to that. Can anyone help please?!

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