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Miele Heat Pump Tumble Dryer - Caution

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Ecogirl9 Wed 09-Oct-19 12:21:36

Thought I'd share this with any other 'Miele Heat Pump Dryer victims'.
This dryer cost me £900 2 years ago and has been absolutely awful so far: It takes a very long time to dry anything, but that saves energy so I have got used to planning my washing better, it continually stops mid-dry with a fluff alarm (finally resolved by washing the sponge filter on a quick machine wash) and turns my bed linen into a wet ball that never dries. I called Miele today and they told me that they are sending an engineer out with an 'update' which will fix the problem. Whilst I'm happy to finally get a resolution, I'm very angry that they knew there was a problem with this machine and yet they didn't contact me to offer the modification, only offering it when I made yet another complaint. Feel very let down, but wanted to share this info with others who I know have the same issues.

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