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Pregnancy pillows

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ChampagneCharley Sun 22-Sep-19 19:20:37

My DSD has just announced she's expecting. I'd like to get her a present that will actually be useful for sometime rather than collecting dust/only be worn for 5 minutes etc.
Can anyone recommend a good pregnancy pillow, I still use mine 10 years later but want to see what the best ones are available now. Thank you.

MrBobLobLaw Sun 22-Sep-19 19:31:51

The BBHugme without a doubt!! It is fantastic. I've used it my pregnancy with my son and my current pregnancy too (I am currently cuddling it!).

It forms to your body so well as it's full of little balls and it's really long so it can support your bump, knees and ankles. I also used it as a breastfeeding support cushion and a baby nest (supervised) and now DS loves to wrestle with it! He calls it my worm grin the pebbles that dictate the squashy/firmness of the cushion can be used as teethers as well which was handy when DS was younger.

I promise I don't work for the company I just absolutely love the pillow and it was the best pregnancy investment I made as they are pricey.

The other more pillow-like stuffing filled ones just don't compare imo.

Brianna83 Sun 29-Sep-19 18:36:35

I've bought the Bella moon which is insanely comfortable. I liked it because it's a modular system so the traditional pregnancy pillow shape can be transformed by taking out the long straight section into a feeding pillow when LO arrives. It also comes with a "half moon" which is a breast feeding cushion that LO lies in with a wedge between mum and baby - so mum can lie down and rest whilst feeding and being completely safe. It was pricey but I think worth it given how much use you get out of it.

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