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Bring me your miracle foot creams

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sprite25 Sun 22-Sep-19 09:13:04

I have really dry crusty skin on my feet, mostly on my heels. When the weather gets colder it has a tenancy to crack split and get sore to walk on. I've tried so many things in the past, pumice stones, foot files, God knows how many creams but it always ends up back at square one. I'm currently 14 weeks pregnant and as it's third baby I already feel like I'm huge and can't really reach comfortably to scrub them. Are there any miracle creams I can slap on my dry sore feet that are actually going to make a difference?

milliefiori Sun 22-Sep-19 09:15:52

I've tried loads of made-for-feet creams that don;t work. But DS1 gave me some Body Shop Japanese Cherry Blossom Body Creme and I started putting that on my feet as I don't use body cream. It works better than anything else I've tried.

Also try adding Epsom salts to the bath as they soften the skin.

Hope the pregnancy goes well.

Teachermaths Sun 22-Sep-19 09:18:20

CCS heel balm. Not cheap but it's good.

Put on at night with socks and wake up with smoothness.

Brianna83 Sun 29-Sep-19 18:37:31

I use the scholl cracked heel cream. It's about £7 a tube I think but really does work - my feet sound exactly like yours OP!

Ecogirl9 Wed 09-Oct-19 12:29:30

Flexitol Heel Balm - works wonders

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