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What Period Pants do I need?

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NotGreenNotKeen Sat 21-Sep-19 11:42:25

So....been off the pill for a year ish. Settled into a 40 day cycle, 2/3 days bleed....Then in June came on very early then normal cycle again but was a week later, this cycle I was a week/5days early and got caught out in work 😭 luckily it wasn't that bad a bit of tissue and an emergency pad prevented it getting to clothes but tights were ruined...I also had to sit in a meeting at the end of the day!!! Mortified 😢.
So I'm either approaching early menopause at early thirties (mum had it at 39) or my body is just being mean...
We're looking to TTC as of end of Nov/ Dec so I need to be prepared for more period/spotting/MC uncertainty....
What period underwear should I buy?
Modibodi seems expensive and there's plenty of cheaper stuff on Amazon...but do I invest or risk?

NotGreenNotKeen Sat 21-Sep-19 12:22:59


NotGreenNotKeen Sat 21-Sep-19 15:32:25

I guess no one has had them?

rollNsausage Sat 21-Sep-19 16:05:46

cheapest version is the cheekywipes. They don't leak but look and feel like swimwear. Can smell after a few hours too.

Thinx are expensive but have different flow varieties.

Wuka hold 4 tampons worth. They are very bulky. But best that my DD has tried.

june2007 Sat 21-Sep-19 16:15:00

Never tried them myself. Have you checked out Earthwise girls website? They may have them orr on facebook their site. (Bloody Waste) is quite good for this kind of advice.

Scienceforthewin Sat 21-Sep-19 16:15:09

Place marking as interested smile
I have cheeky wipes. The sports ones are not up to a full period, the lace top ones are better but no idea on comparison with other brands.

NotGreenNotKeen Sat 21-Sep-19 16:33:07

Thank you 😊 I'm wondering about spending the cash on modibodi... It's around £125 for a pack of 5 I think...

HopelesslyDevoted2u Sat 21-Sep-19 16:35:46

I use liners everyday as I have crap bladder control too but am interested is these

C0untDucku1a Sat 21-Sep-19 16:40:08

I also have to wear liners every day and invested in reusable cloth liners (shit) before buying a
Pair of modibodis. Love them. Told my
Husband i want the set for xmas.

HarryPotterFan436 Sat 21-Sep-19 16:43:52

I really like modibodi. They are well worth the money.

humanfemale Sat 21-Sep-19 16:44:36

A friend of mine swears by modibodi. She said they're a total game changer.

I think there are often 20% off codes, especially for first orders, so might be worth hunting around first?

My last period was horrendous - I think I might place an order myself.

NotGreenNotKeen Sat 21-Sep-19 16:45:26

Great thank you ladies Xx

C0untDucku1a Sat 21-Sep-19 16:45:28

Im going to get a modibodi bikini for next summer

TantrumToddler Sat 21-Sep-19 17:16:30

Cheeky wipes lace top briefs are great for me. I have endo, long and heavy periods with several days spotting before and after and they have been fab for all flows even super heavy. A pp mentioned smell but I've not noticed anything with either the briefs or reusable pads, unless it's an overnight one. I'd much rather have that than the godawful scents from disposable pads anyway!

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