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Engagement Ring Stone

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rededucator Tue 17-Sep-19 18:08:13

I'm researching having a ring custom made. I like champagne sapphires as centre stone with a few diamonds either size. The ring designer suggested morganite as a less expensive alternative. Does anyone have any experience or words of advice? Thank you

Xitt Tue 17-Sep-19 18:11:29

Morganite is much softer than sapphire and won’t last a lifetime of heavy wear. I’d go for the sapphire personally.

JoJoSM2 Wed 18-Sep-19 12:29:47

I agree with Xitt. For your engagement ring, you need a stone that lasts. Is the cost a problem because you'd basically like a padparadscha sapphire? I think sometimes they come up at auctions so perhaps a vintage one would be more affordable.

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