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Vacuum Cleaners -which?

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Skandiminsk Sun 21-Jul-19 13:27:30

Hi everyone!
Please could you help me by recommending a really good vacuum cleaner with a hard brush to pick up cat hair from carpets & upholstery. It still needs to be good after at least 2yrs of constant use?

I have 3 cats & a dog but dog doesn't malt. I'm getting rid of my Henry hoover as it's heavy going up/down stairs with it, otherwise it is a good vac. Had a purple Vax, but the brush was too soft & the upholstery spinny thing stopped working as it got clogged with hair & so did the rotator on the main vac. Even when you unclogged the hair, it didn't spin all the dirt into the cylinder.

BammBamm Tue 24-Sep-19 17:01:17

Shark pet lift away. I love its its much cheaper than the handheld and upright dysons we had and much better.

Skandiminsk Tue 24-Sep-19 17:57:28

I'd forgotten that I posted on here..well in the end I bought a Sebo. I love it, carpet on my stair comes up much better than my upright vax. It's so light & very manoeuvrable, sits on the stairs without falling off! It's well built too 👍

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