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Reusable sanitary pads

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HoldTightandPretenditsaPlan Wed 17-Jul-19 00:00:24

So, my less than teenage daughter is getting to an age where she will soon start her period. She's as comfortable with the arrival of aunt flo as can be expected, but wants to be prepared for when it happens. We've spoken about what products are available and she's keen to be green and want to start with reusable pads. I want to get everything sorted for her soon, so she knows she won't be caught off guard now but there is so much choice... First there's the fabric... Then the design... And what about size... Does one size fit all? Will they leak at night time? Is there a "booster" like in reusable nappies? I've no clue where to start... Is there a good brand or are they all the same? How do you wash them? When they're done, how do you store them 'til you get home? Etc etc hmm

HennyPennyHorror Wed 17-Jul-19 02:39:18

This is an excellent round-up. I'm thinking of changing too....I'm done with the plasticy feel of sanitary towels and won't use tampons so the reusable ones seem sensible to me.

HennyPennyHorror Wed 17-Jul-19 02:40:47

I also think that the reusable ones are quite pretty looking which is nice for a pre-teen as they're not so clinical in appearance. She will probably need to take something with her to school to put the used on in though. I should think a snappy bag will work well but that's not very eco friendly. The other option would be a snap top tub...a flat small one which she can fold the used towel into.

AGnu Wed 17-Jul-19 02:52:40

I put mine in a small wet/dry bag. I got my pads from the Cheeky Wipes company & they sell handy bags with 2 sections - one for clean ones & one for used.

BinkyandBunty Wed 17-Jul-19 02:52:42

Some pad manufacturers also sell matching little pouches to store them in your bag.

They'll also sell starter packs with a few different sizes and thicknesses.

I use and recommend Mense Sense, they're Australian (as am I!) but do ship to the UK.

martingoresnipplechain Thu 18-Jul-19 09:16:49

I would highly recommend bloom and Nora, which are made by the same people behind Tots Bots reusable nappies. You can also purchase a bathroom wet bag and an out-and-about pouch with two compartments for used and fresh pads. They are by far the best reusables I have used, and far better in my opinion than Earthwise. They come in two types depending on what you're looking for, and each type has 4 different sizes/absorbencies depending on what you're after.

martingoresnipplechain Thu 18-Jul-19 09:19:38

Also with regards to overnight and leaking - I have used a 'mighty' sized bloom and Nora pad overnight for my heaviest day and come nowhere near to leaking. They seem to be much more absorbent than disposables and I didn't get that horrible 'full' feeling you get when having worn a disposable overnight. With washing, quick rinse under the cold tap, wring out and bung in the bathroom bag or washing machine to go in with the next wash. I'd say you're probably wanting about 12 pads per cycle if you're washing every other day. Bloom and Nora do a starter pack on their website or on amazon.

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