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Smallish blow-up/metal frame pools advice

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midcenturylegs Fri 28-Jun-19 15:41:11

Hi - really not sure if I'm posting in the right place - please let me know if I'm not.

Looking to buy a small rectangular pop-up/temp pool that's deep enough for my 12 yr old DD to swim under in - perhaps 60cm depth. I've a small (and shared) garden and it'd have to go on a slightly raised decking which is 180cm width (the decking is quite long so no real length issues). There are a few ones about that size with a metal frame but you need to add an extra foot each side for the frame legs. Something like this, but narrower.

Can anyone advise on something? Reluctant to put it on the grassy area as it'll kill the grass (which in places is long as I've wildflowers growing).

Any advice welcomed!

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