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Mam vs Nuk

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sn21 Fri 28-Jun-19 11:26:25

I'm currently expecting a baby and looking at what bottles I should use this time around.

With my second daughter I used mam bottles and I must say I absolutely fell in love with them they are probably (for me) the best bottles I've used.

This time round I'm thinking of getting the same however I don't like the faffing about that comes with mam bottles, however I know you can get other ones that don't have the bottom pieces which I have thought of getting too, but it would cost me considerably more.

Since looking around I've discovered Nuk bottles also have this similar flat shaped teat and I know that when I was trying to find a different dummy for my daughter to have instead of mam when there was none in our local shops that Nuk dummies were the only ones she took to.

I've seen mixed reviews about the Nuk bottles so I'm just wondering if anyone who has used both could tell me what they prefer and how their babies preferred which one? Or anyone that has used Nuk can tell what their experience with these bottles have been xx

SleeplessinEastSussex Fri 28-Jun-19 11:27:45

Following as wondered the same

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