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Life jacket!

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AmyVP Thu 27-Jun-19 13:35:44

Hi all,

After my toddler recently fell into our pond..(I was standing next to her so swiftly got her out) I'm on the look out for something life jacket/buoyancy aid, that she can wear during the summer months when we are outside. We have just moved to a house with lots of land, several ponds and a swimming pool.. although she is never left unattended it amazed me how quick she got into the pool bearing in mind how close I was to her.. now terrified and need something that is lightweight enough for the summer for her to wear, but that keeps her afloat.. any ideas welcome! Thanks!

NannyR Thu 27-Jun-19 13:41:33

Is it possible to fence off the areas with the ponds and the pools? Or fit safety grills and covers over them? I know you are never intentionally going to leave her unattended, but toddlers do learn to open doors and sneak out or you could have visitors who could be in and out and not know the necessity of her wearing a life jacket. It would be safer if she couldn't access them full stop.

AmyVP Thu 27-Jun-19 14:40:14

Yes we will fence off the ponds but some not that easy pool is indoors but in the summer doors will not always get closed as I have a 6 year old too!

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