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Thermometer recommendations

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RobinsNest17 Wed 26-Jun-19 21:48:34

What brand/model of thermometer would you recommend for babies/toddlers?

I have an 18mo and am currently expecting a second baby. Through DS's first year of illnesses we have been suspicious of whether the Tommee Tippee digital in ear thermometer that we have is very accurate and I had been vaguely thinking of getting a better one before the new baby arrives. However today DS was poorly and our thermometer said his temp was normal. I took him to the dr anyway as his breathing/cough was awful. When I got to the doctors, the GP's thermometer said he was 38.8 (he has croup). I now obviously want to sort a replacement thermometer as a higher priority! Thanks in advance for any recommendations.

RobinsNest17 Mon 01-Jul-19 12:25:01


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