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Travel Changing Mat - As a baby shower gift?

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Ernestcjk Tue 28-May-19 15:26:02

Hi all,

I have a really good friend who is expecting soon (very soon) and I have been invited to her baby shower. At first I was delighted to come but I just found out from my wife that I have to get something (Sorry! I really am clueless!)confused. And I was looking on for ideas.

My friend really enjoys travelling and mentioned before that she would love to do it with her baby (I felt that it was a bad idea...). But anyhow, I was thinking that she might need a travel size changing mat as I can imagine that the cleanliness of the toilets with baby changing facilities are questionable at times.

I was hoping to get some advice about:

1) Whether this is a good idea and do new parents actually use them?

2) Any recommendations? I saw these 2 on amazon and kinda liked the idea of the 2nd one as you could access baby wipes from the front.



Would love to hear back from all you lovely folks out there. Thank you so much! smile

homemadegin Tue 28-May-19 15:34:26


Good thinking on the travel part, although I would say most changing bags come with travel changing mats as standard.

Travel mattress may be an option?

Changing rucksack?

Or thinking ahead a little, travel bowls and spoons with waterproof bibs.

One friend got me a toiletry bag with mini travel versions of essentials. So thermometer, bath thermometer, baby shampoo, first aid kit, sun cream, teething gel, sudo cream, etc.

Or another favourite is a star wrap. Doubles as a blanket or snow suit and super cosy and portable.

Hope that helps a little.

AutumnGlitterBall Tue 28-May-19 15:45:30

My changing bag came with the pram but it had nothing in it so I had a wee cheap travel mat from somewhere like B&M and I used it more than I thought I would. Handy when the baby change facility was in use (so many are in with the disabled loos) and I didn’t want to wait so I could just lie him down in the floor in the ladies or when DH was out with him and the only baby change was in the ladies.

AGnu Tue 28-May-19 15:59:29

I've got one of these & I love it. I've never had a specific changing bag, just shove it in a rucksack.

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