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shopping for first baby

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booflebaby Sat 27-Apr-19 22:55:40

Hey mums of the internet, I need your help.

I'm currently 19+4weeks. So basically at the half way point. My partner said we can start looking and buying baby things after this stage however, there is just so much to buy and i don't know where to start.
we've already been looking at pram, carseats and bedside cribs. But its hard to know what is going to work for us and what will be be best.
This evening i've been on the mothercare website looking at breast pumps because i want my partner to share in the feeding. I heard electric is better because how time consuming it can be. I was looking at the tommy tippee close to nature electric starter bundle thing. Has anyone had experience with this???
Also i don't know what to do about a baby bath. Do we get an insert do we get a baby bath? When i ask my partner his thoughts he just like i dont know, i know nothing on these things... well guess what mister we are both first time partner so neither do i!!!

Basically what I need is a starter baby guide for first time parents to help me make the decisions when it comes to buying things for our baby, there are just too many options out there atm.

TL;DR just generally need help in deciding what to buy for baby from the pram and car seat to breast pumps and everything in between

MrsJamin Sat 27-Apr-19 23:03:15

Buy very little. Companies think of millions of things for parents to buy that they don't actually need. If you have amazon prime and a 24- hour Tesco near by you can have anything you want pretty soon anyway. Think about the basics,somewhere for the baby to sleep, clothes for being in, nappies for doing the stuff into, some way to get around etc. You don't need a baby bath, just hold them for a little while as they will enjoy feeling your arm around them. Don't worry too much about your partner being involved in feeding, if you are breastfeeding he'll just have to get over not doing that, to be honest. Expressing is a right annoyance and is a lot more work if the only reason you're doing it is to get your partner involved. He can do everything else if he really likes, jigging the baby, soothing, talking, holding, bathing etc. If you want more flexibility over the feeding then that's up to you but don't express just for pandering to him.

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