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KEF411 Thu 05-Oct-17 13:04:06

My post is about safety. (It's about courtesy as well) I often see very small children using scooters on crowded pavements, unsupervised (or not adequately supervised) and creating danger for pedestrians. I sometimes have to 'play dodge-ems' with these children. If one of them hit me, I could fall and break a hip (I am old and somewhat frail). The child, of course, could also be injured, but children heal more quickly!

I have also seen children using scooters INSIDE Sainsburys, tube stations and museums. Mums and other care-takers should note that scooter use in these venues is NOT PERMITTED (I've checked).

Please ensure that your children on scooters are tightly supervised, do put pedestrians in danger and do not use their scooters inappropriately, indoors or outside.

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