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Decent sleeping bag for winter months - recommendations please!

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shpa Wed 27-Sep-17 13:53:50

As the cold days are approaching I'm looking for a decent sleeping bag for my little one. She's NOT a fan of duvets but it's just getting too cold to sleep without! It would need to be a sleep suit with arms (and ideally legs...), and as she suffers from eczema I'd love for it to be organic, using natural fibre. I've heard of the ErgoPouch/Winter sleep suits - are they worth their price?! Any recommendations?

Thank you!

Abijam Sun 01-Oct-17 16:23:35

Why not try on They are supposed be having some good ones according to my friends. I got one from last year for my daughter and thats not so bad too. smile

Nicr1 Wed 04-Oct-17 20:53:27

I’ve not tried the ErgoPouch winter suits, however I have tried the summer one and it was brilliant! Fabric nice and soft against my sons skin (he suffers with eczema) and the added bonus with short sleeves and the option to convert the bag into legs which was a godsend as my son doesn’t like being ‘strapped’ in a suit. So with positive results on the Summer suits I’d definitely use the Winter one. The price tag is a bit steep but the bag will last for at least a year or two so saving in the long run as the bag is large so room for lo to grow!

tamtam1986 Tue 10-Oct-17 12:35:21

Hi, I haven't used one myself but a friend of mine has the ErgoPouch suit that has been mentioned above. She absolutely loves it. It is a normal sleeping bag with arms which then can convert to one with legs. I think they are quite big as well so will last for a long time!

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