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Lightweight bikes cheaper than Frog bikes?

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starlight36 Sat 26-Aug-17 20:46:37

Is there a decent option to buy a lightweight children's bike other than paying for a Frog bike?
We are looking to buy a bike for our 7 year old daughter. Her first bike was an Apollo bike and whilst she is outgrowing it she still struggles with the weight. We are a little reluctant to pay the premium of the Frog bikes as we live in an urban area and she is unlikely to use this on a daily basis.

Abijam Sun 08-Oct-17 14:23:04

Many of the best children’s bikes are pricey and couldn't figure out the correct one for my DD too. In the end settled with a Ridgeback Dimension for my DD who is 5, for less than £250. I think they've got bikes for 7 years as well. Its somewhat less than Frogs.

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