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Discontinued beauty products you want back in your life...

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carbqueen88 Wed 17-May-17 18:06:53

Ok ok I'll go first....

Jean Paul Gaultier - Fragile

That beautiful perfume with the gold glitter snow dome on the top... can anyone remember this? Xx

KingJoffreysRestingCuntface Wed 17-May-17 18:09:44

The Body Shop Elderflower Eye Gel.

thethoughtfox Wed 17-May-17 18:59:23

Estee Lauder Maximun cover foundation in ivory. Now the lightest colour they do is a nasty orange brown.

CotswoldStrife Wed 17-May-17 19:02:23

Clinique Simply perfume.

BS elderflower eye gel is a good one. They used to do a lovely Orchid Oil cleanser as well that I miss.

gonegrey56 Wed 17-May-17 19:04:29

Barbara Daly powder foundation from Tesco. Perfect colour, coverage and texture.

Maria1982 Wed 17-May-17 19:04:42

Calvin Klein Contradiction!!! Why did they stop making it?

carbqueen88 Wed 17-May-17 19:10:20

Barbara Daly is amazing!

Chestervase1 Wed 17-May-17 19:20:07

Barbara Daly cream blushers
My favourite Chanel round compact foundation recently discontinued
Tom Ford Amber Nude Youth Dew perfume
Estée Lauder used to do a mint foam bath that was gorgeous

CrispyBathTowel Wed 17-May-17 19:22:01

Ooh, I used to have a bottle of that perfume OP - had forgotten all about it until now. Can't remember what it smelt like but I liked the bottle.

pk78 Wed 17-May-17 19:25:30

Armani City glam perfume

wiltingfast Wed 17-May-17 19:28:34

Gucci Envy

Down to my last teeniest drops sad

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