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Humidifiers for baby's bedroom

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KeenToLearnMum Tue 25-Apr-17 13:45:22

Hi there,

I'm really interested in getting a humidifier for my baby's bedroom because I've heard they create the right conditions for soothing colds and chapped lips etc. I thought it would be soothing for my baby especially if you can choose which essential oils to add. What do people think of this idea? Are they worth it? Would it be beneficial to my baby? Do you know any good ones out there? I'm also wondering if there's an added bonus of it functioning as a night light too...

Any help would be fab,

Aliveinwanderland Tue 25-Apr-17 13:48:14

We have a mushroom shaped one. To be honest I rarely use it as I'm not convinced it helps and when baby was in our room the water noise drove me mad and made me need the loo all night!

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