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Parasol vs Sunshade

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Cgh2923 Tue 04-Apr-17 18:15:02

So with the sudden change in weather I've left myself so unprepared! I now can't decide between the traditional parasol or a sunshade for my stroller.

Anyone using these items got any advice?

Orangedaisy Wed 05-Apr-17 06:39:51

Parasol on my bugaboo is a pain to angle correctly. I live in a cold part of the uk so tend to drape a sheet over pram instead of using the parasol, but this can be really dangerous if it's close to warm out as the temperature in pram can ramp up very quickly. Not an issue for us really but may be for you.

What pram do you have? Others who have it may be able to help.

Cgh2923 Thu 06-Apr-17 00:35:38

I have a mamas and papas sola2.

That's what I thought, seems a bit of a pain to have to adjust the parasol every two seconds. I live up north so the weather is always a surprise.

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