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Automatic photobooks - help

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Mandiemouse Fri 24-Feb-17 07:48:45

Morning all!

So, I am unbelievably rubbish at printing or organising pics of the family... and this morning I came across chatbooks.... But they are American
.. Sob sob.

Now, my question is, has anyone used them? They have a $2 shipping charge to the UK which isn't horrible. OR, is there a UK company you use that do the same thing? I'm looking for a company that do the formatting and printing automatically, that send out periodically, and aren't expensive.

Thanks in advance you clever knowledgeable ladies!

LadyandTramp Sat 25-Feb-17 20:26:23

No sorry but have googled and they look fab. I currently use Photobox and although it's fairly labour intensive, I do like to select photos, twiddle about with formatting etc. I do at least one a year and don't know how many more my book shelf can take.

I do like the style of chat books though and haven't come across anything similar in the UK, which is surprising as its a good idea.

Photo box does have an option to automatically create a photobook, but they're much more bulky and way more expensive than the Chatbooks.

Sorry no help at all but agree they look really good. . .

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