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Improving the way people heat baby food on-the-go

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user1486934122 Sun 12-Feb-17 21:28:19


I'm a student currently working on my end of year project where I am aiming to create a product that helps parents/carers heat a childs food when they're out and about and may not have access to a microwave. I have created a survey and would really appreciate it if any parents to young children could fill it out, it only takes about 1 minute and would help me enormously. Survey link:

Thanks in advance smile

WheresTheEvidence Sun 12-Feb-17 21:32:52

I'm a nanny.

Just did your survey.

We eat out 2/3 times a week in I take them to a cafe/soft play and they eat a lunch I've brought (children range from 6 months to years) lunchbox is generally sandwihss/wraps, olives, fruit, breadsticks, cold pasta salad etc

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