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Loucuth Wed 28-Dec-16 11:08:47

My 4 month old baby has been suffering with teething with the past few days being really hard on her (and me!) it looks like 2 of her bottom teeth have broken through although im not 100% sure. I was wondering does anyone have any recommendations for good teething remedies/toys etc as the only thing that seems to be working is calpol and I don't like the thought of giving medicine all of the time. Teething powders don't seem to be doing much neither. I've been reading about Amber bracelets and thinking of trying them but any other recommendations will be helpful. Thank you

plimsolls Wed 28-Dec-16 11:11:59

My daughter is 4 months too. Hers haven't broken through but I think they're causing her pain. Bonjela Teething works well (make sure it's the special one for teething babies as the regular version isn't OK to give to babies as far as i know)

She likes chewing on rubber things as anything harder is a bit too painful on her tender gums I think.

The teething pain has happened earlier than I expected!

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