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Baby Wipes

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StrawberryShortcake32 Mon 05-Dec-16 21:14:29

Hi everyone!
I wanted to share my reviews on the baby wipes I've tried since having my 2 month old DS. I'm also keen to get your opinions/recommendations on ones I haven't tried yet.

1- Waterwipes
Love how pure these are. Chemical free. With excema and scorasis in the family it's a given the poor sod will suffer with it at some point. I've used them on his head, neck area and for nappy changes and come to really trust them. Only down side is the price tag but they are worth every penny.


2- Pampers Sensitive
Nice to use, fragrance free which is a plus. Wipes dispense well and you don't get 4 at a time. Wet enough to get the job done but not as wet as the water wipes.


3- Johnsons Sensitive
Nice dispensing and get one wipe at a time although despite claiming to be sensitive are slightly fragranced. Not enough to bother us though and was fine on his skin. Downside is they are the driest wipes I've used yet, have to use alot of them to get the job done due to lack of moisture and the material is flimsy and tears easily.


4 - Johnsons - Gentle all over
These have the same scent as johnsons baby lotion. It's a lovely smell but it's too overpowering and makes me wary to use on little boys skin. I've used on hands but that's all I'm comfortable doing as the smell is so strong. Lovely durable material and wetness is good. Will work really well for people who like scented wipes but I wouldn't recommend for sensitive baby skin.


That's all I've tried so far. I'm really interested to see what the others are like. Particularly the huggies range if anyone has used or uses, how did you get on with them? I also hope this has been helpful for those looking to buy for new baby or change brand smile

sanityisamyth Mon 05-Dec-16 21:16:59

I find the Huggies fall apart. I use the ASDA sensitive (fragrance free) ones. Do the job, and cheap (especially in the boxes of 12 packets).

VickiLewis88 Sun 22-Jan-17 09:18:32

I did like pampers wipes but then I had a free sample from mamia, and it made me change it, cheaper too. Think there are samples still going on ..

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