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Baby starter kit

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user1479471386 Mon 21-Nov-16 11:23:28

Hi All,

I'm expecting my first baby next April and although these are very exciting times my husband and I are finding what to buy quite daunting. We thought Black Friday would be a good place to start to get some good savings and so started on our search at the weekend.

Anyway, I'm getting off track, so we have been looking at lists of essentials that you need before the baby is born and we couldn't believe how extensive they are. We are glad we started looking now because it is going to take some time and budget organisation to make sure we can purchase all things in time.

This got me to thinking of a baby starter kit, we both work full time and getting all these items is going to be tough work and so I did a little research to see if a starter kit was available and there really is nothing of the sort. Now, my husband thought this was a great idea, he loves a new business idea and wonders if it would simply appeal to us or if more people would be interested?

I got to looking at how much the essentials would be and it is roughly £450.00. Obviously this is a big outlay but it would save time and you'd know you had everything in place ready for baby arriving. For me peace of mind at this time is what matters, I would love the idea of a parcel delivered to my house containing everything I need but would you?

I would love any ideas or opinions, and would appreciate good or bad feedback. We know that we are new to this and for some people they may love to shop for their new arrival.

Thank you


RosieThorn Mon 21-Nov-16 11:28:54

There is actually a product like this already. Have search for Finnish Baby Box - it's based on the box scheme Finland have for all new mothers and that Scotland is considering implementing.

LoveLaughLanternsAndWine Mon 21-Nov-16 11:29:17

I personally wouldn't like it as I enjoyed learning about everything myself and investigating everything. Looking and feeling all the things around....especially with our first dc.
I enjoyed going into the shops and speaking to the staff and choosing everything myself.

Second and third DC got hand me downs.

But best wishes with your baby

Hellmouth Mon 21-Nov-16 11:29:21

I'd love to know your list of essentials, I definitely did not spend anywhere near £450 for normal baby stuff unless you're also counting a car seat and pram as essentials?

To be honest, though, I loved shopping around for baby stuff, so I'm not sure the box would appeal to me.

user1479471386 Mon 21-Nov-16 11:49:54

I thought people would like choosing their own things, I know I would too, I'm just prone to panic!

I have looked at the Finnish baby boxes and they look great, I love the fact the baby sleeps in the cardboard box too!

I got the list of essentials from

It does seem quite extensive, I added bathing things too, and as it was literally a way to spend a stormy Saturday afternoon I just got prices from Mothercare, so I'm, sure I would find them cheaper elsewhere.

Thank you for this, it has been really helpful.

somefarawaydream Mon 21-Nov-16 11:53:36

House of Fraser does a similar package

RosieThorn Mon 21-Nov-16 12:06:51

I'm not a fan of those 'essentials' check lists tbh. Yes, obviously you will definitely need some of it (something safe for baby to sleep in, clothes etc) but some is very optional. I have a friend who became a mum round the same time as I did and she never had a pram until her Dd was 6 months - she used a sling all the time instead. I had a sling as was told it was a 'must' and used it maybe a handful of times! DS is 16 months and only started wearing socks 4 months ago (when he started to walk and wear shoes) - I have a tonne of tiny socks I bought and never used! Also didn't have a baby monitor for the first three months and we managed to survive. If you're formula feeding you don't actually know how your baby will get on with the bottles you choose - you could spend a lot on a set of bottles only to find s/he won't take them and you need an entirely new lot!

user1479471386 Mon 21-Nov-16 12:54:34

I'll check House of Fraser, thank you Somefarawaydream and i see what you mean RosieThorn, it is all about personal preference, you just need to be brave enough to see how things go.

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