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Best adult scooter?

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FunnymalsOnPop Sat 22-Oct-16 11:33:21

I scoot everywhere: to school, after school clubs, swimming, we zoom around the park - the scooter saves me time, keeps me fit, and it's a great way to spend time with the kids too. I bought a Hudora Air, which I regretted immediately. It was heavy and slow, the rear wheel went flat every week for the first two months, then the inner tube died completely. You can't get spare parts for Hudora scooters in the UK, and the company won't ship anything outside Germany. Nightmare! A scooter I got to ride for two months. Most expensive mistake I've ever made.

A friend lent me her Microscooter Flex Classic, which has been amazing. Light, fast, sturdy. Now I'm torn between getting that one, or the Flex Deluxe. Neither are cheap, but it would be money well spent, considering how frequently the scooter would be used, and how much time I'd save.

Any adult scooter insight out there before I take the plunge?

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