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Child water safety alarms

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LFCrose Sun 18-Sep-16 23:30:29

Hi, we're going on holiday next summer, staying in a gite - there's a fenced off pool, but there is also open water surrounding the holiday house.
DS1 will be 5.5 and DS2 will be 4. I really want to get a safety device that will sound an alarm if they go in the open water on their own - obviously we will be going around with them, but don't want to leave anything to chance that could result in a horrible accident.
They both have swimming lessons and can nearly swim on their own, so another year will do them the world of good - but I guess I'm being paranoid!

LFCrose Sun 18-Sep-16 23:36:12

Sorry, question was - can anyone recommend a device!? Thanks!

Greengager Mon 19-Sep-16 00:12:36

Think it's unlikely you will find a suitable device that is portable. You should remember that these things often create a false sense of security and it might be safer to be constantly watchful. I stay somewhere regularly where they removed the fence around the pool. I was certainly a lot more aware of where my kids were at all times afterwards than before when in fact the fence may not have protected them if someone had left the gate open or something.

ThereIsIron Mon 19-Sep-16 00:40:38

You're being paranoid. Just keep an eye on them.

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