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Help!! Trouble Contacting Gro Egg Company

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MummyAlltam Sat 03-Sep-16 04:40:30

Hi mummies

I bought a Gro Egg over a year ago for my Dds room, it was rarely used and we have now moved and have a 3 month old who would very much benifit from it. The problem being Iv lost the cable that keeps it powered. I messaged the company 5 weeks ago asking where to get a new lead from because no where sells just that. I'm willing to buy it, I'm not after a free-be but I can't seem to get hold if them to ask. I tried calling them but after being on hold for 10 minutes my 3 year old has run out of patience of mummy's fone call and discovers an ailment that requires my urgent attention do I have to hang up. After 3 attempts like this over a few days I'm getting a little miffed. Anyone experienced this? Has any one get throught to this company? Who else is awful at customer relations?

InTheDessert Sat 03-Sep-16 06:03:08

You tried their Facebook page? Or emailing at the address on there?

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