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Can anyone reccomend a good camera?

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Buggers Mon 25-Jul-16 19:58:17

I want to get a new camera in the next few months and wanted a bit of help choosing one that will last a few years.. I've attached a photo of the type I'd like but no idea what brand is best or model?!
It'll mainly be used for taking photos of dd, we live in the country so do lots of county walks and the camera I currently use doesn't capture the colours and landscape very well. Oh and my cat loves his photo being takenwink!

SoloD Tue 26-Jul-16 07:41:28

"the camera I currently use doesn't capture the colours and landscape "

You may find that using a filter on your current camera will work wonders. Start out with a basic UV filter, very cheap around £10 new, that cuts a lot of unwanted light which causes over exposure and so brings out the true colours.

The next step up is a polarising filter, again cut unwanted light, you will notice a huge difference when taking pictures of a clear sky.

These may be much cheaper options than buying a new camera (which may have the same problem).

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