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What to buy for my new baby

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Sheltun Thu 21-Jul-16 12:52:29

I've already got a 6 year old boy and I have another boy due very soon. I seem to have everything I need from my firstborn, but my family want to buy presents. Is there anything people would recommend, perhaps something that wasn't available (or not as good) 6 years ago? Thanks for your help.

SoloD Tue 26-Jul-16 07:47:58

Gift Vouchers always useful (just don't loose them I think 20% of gift vouchers are never claimed on).

Yoomi bottles are great if your express and feed or bottle feed (the bottle heats the milk as it goes through the teat so no need to heat milk at night).

Love my Funky Giraffe bandana bibs. On Amazon or

How about a nice new teddy bear? My daughter ignore the one she was given and has pinched her big brothers, not that he minds.

Other than that a nice new coat or t shirt, something they can photograph him wearing. A lot of satisfaction in that and a great way to repay their kindness.

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