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Missing parts in an order - AIBU

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jomeara Sat 11-Jun-16 22:03:36

OK... so it's not a huge deal really but, I ordered these silicone calippo style containers to make my own ice lollies with. And it turns out they are shipped from China.... which I wasn't aware of at time of ordering. Anyway, when they arrive, 2 of them are missing their lids, so I emailed to let them know. They responses, very politely, that they would refund me a partial amount. I said no way! I want the lids as they're no good to me.... now, AIBU?! There are 4 in total and they weren't expensive, but I'm annoyed that I'm expected to have to throw away 2 of them as there are no lids?! Also, the partial refund only really reflects the price of the lids, but I'd have to throw away the tubes that are missing those lids too! confused

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