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The Aga has to go

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Pominoz1 Fri 20-May-16 14:03:03

Our electricity bill is too high. The age which came with the house has to go. Suggestions please for a good replacement. Must be electric. about the same size as an Aga (to fill the gap). Something economical , nice to look at and under a thousand pounds. TIA

user1466322435 Sun 19-Jun-16 09:37:24

I would avoid AGA-Rangemaster at all costs, they are not what they were! And when it goes wrong, they run a mile! I purchased a range master Toledo xt mid to end 2014, and it was unpacked and installed in my new kitchen December 2014, we had an issue with the clock not working properly, but it got us through Christmas with out incident, but in early January while using it I got an electric shock off the side panel, Big Bang and I burnt my fingers and it tripped the RCD. I made contact with the retailer (marks electrical) but they were most unhelpful, so I contacted AGA-Rangemaster it started well, an engineer came out. I was told by the retailer and at first contact with you, I could not be electrocuted, but you engineer said I would have been and I should not been advised it was safe to use, and he needed to order spare parts, his advice Was it could been done quickly, the parts came and we waited for the engineer and so on, then finally he came but he could not get the oven to function even with new spare parts and he recommended a replacement, as with such little use and so many issues! So we went down that route but they became very difficult, and then another engineer had to come out for assessment , then the second engineer arrived and recommend replacement , then I could not get people to ring me back, waiting and then I got told he was the wrong engineer if I was to get a replacement I needed one who could look at a replacement, more delays, more time off work then the retailer started to help me get AGA-Rmaster to sort the issue, the third engineer who said he would insist on a replacement and would sort it, more delays, and I raised a complaint and things started to move, and I was offered compensation , I asked to get it sorted first and then they did not want to fit it, but I pointed out £150 compensation would not cover an electrician and a gas fitter to plumb it in, I was told I could connect the gas? Any way they came fitted it and took away the old one! Some of their call centre staff need re training I think? then a lovely lady called up and asked how my new cooker was, she knew nothing of my problems, I told her the story, she was not happy with how it was handled and the six months to resolve it and the compensation was not a fair offer, I then said I had never received anything, she said she would resolve it , then it went quite again and I spoke to another person who said they knew nothing and no record of anything!
I had left it until I had to call up January 2016, the Handel on the oven is now loose, no obvious way of it being tightened, we have problems with the clock being intermittent again, the oven knobs have a chrome foil on them an it is lifting off and curling up, I rang again, they said the knob problem is due opening the oven door too much? Any way new knobs in the post and I have fitted them, an engineer call had been raised to deal with the clock and Handel , guess what no call back!
So I asked their CEO to help, promised they would, I said we paid £1700 for this cooker, the last range master we had lasted 18 years and still worked when we took it out, never had a problem, what has gone wrong ?
But then they put me back with the person who deals with all their complaints, the arrange another engineer, he fixed the clock, tightened the handles, and said the reason the knobs had failed is the door does not fit properly and he adjusted it! But after he left I realised his adjustment means you have to lift the door if you want to close it! More emails and more being ignored, two weeks later I took to Twitter, with in hours I had a response, and Lee from complaints was emailing me to tell me he had been out of the business, he had not got all my emails I sent , and we have another engineers appointment, Lee has promised when we finally get it sorted he will organise compensation. So two years, two cookers and it still goes on, the Engieers who never seem convince with the quality of their own product? But it is pretty, but we have hardly had either cooker working fully in the last two years, and AGA-Rangemaster seem to hate dealing with complaints and problems, and have a process so they don't, great company if you never have a problem!

WellErrr Sun 19-Jun-16 09:50:47

I have a Rangemaster and I love it!

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