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Are these novel products I'm seeing on fb a scam?

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I've recently had a couple of posts on fb advertising electric heated hairbrush and an easy to inflate beach lounger, with very professional looking fb pages and a decent enough website. But drill down and both say in very similar language that returns are not generally accepted and if a product is faulty, buyer returns at own cost.
Now I know this is against distance trading regulations, so I suspect it's a scam but these are two products I'd really like to have! Any ideas? This is one of the pages - I've asked them twice about their returns and they keep deleting my message!

KittyKrap Fri 22-Apr-16 08:20:22

I've seen that ad too! I fear that they're preying on us wacky haired women. It looks too good to be true. Sorry I'm not much other help. There is a company called 'SilkFred' who have ads, they make clothes, I've ordered from them twice and they're pretty good but I can't vouch for the wild hair tamer confused

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