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Cheesecrumpets01 Wed 24-Feb-16 13:43:31

Loving our coffee machine but the pods are just so expensive. The best we have seen is asda doing a 2 for £7 on their packs however they only include espressos and other coffees I have never heard of.
Any other places you have heard of with offers or ever deals on bulk buying?

frikadela01 Wed 24-Feb-16 13:46:59

Amazon has the best consistent prices imo. I get the Costa Americano and paid around £16 for 80 pods.

PutDownThatLaptop Wed 24-Feb-16 13:47:19

Try Amazon, I saw some good offers on there.

PutDownThatLaptop Wed 24-Feb-16 13:47:41

Sorry cross post!

spanky2 Wed 24-Feb-16 13:49:02

Costco have Costa cappachino and Costa caramel latte. I can't remember the price but it was cheaper.

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