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Advice on a box subscription service.

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mumof32015 Mon 15-Feb-16 19:18:01

Hi there,
I subscribed to a baby box service when I was pregnant. I have had glossy boxes in the past, so I decided since I was pregnant I would subscribe to this service for items for my baby.
The first month I was so pleased with what I got, I gave them a really positive review and decided to make my payments with them automatic. I went on to have my baby and I had a few complications and got very unwell, during that time 2 payments were made and I didn't receive the boxes. It was only until I saw on Facebook that they were sending the January boxes out that I realised I had paid in November, December and January and hadn't received anything.
I messaged the company and they said they would look into it. When I went back on the website I realised that I had to put in an order for the boxes. I thought because I had made an automatic payment with the company I would get my boxes automatic. I told the company of my mistake and never got a reply. Friday I received the box I paid for in January. My Dh told me to message the company again and tell them I have received the box for January but what should I do about the two boxes I have paid for and not received. I understand it's probably my fault, but there's no where on the website explaining how the subscription works, and in my defence I was very unwell after my baby was born and I had totally forgot about my automatic payment. Anyway I have had no reply from them. I have now cancelled my automatic payment that would have gone out tomorrow. What would you do about It, any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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